Alpha SEO Strategy

We know that the websites who rank in the top 10 for any search engine are appeasing the underlying algorithm, as determined by the GoogleBot - one of many search engine robots that retrieves the data which determine all search engine ranking positions within a search engine.

We also know that most people go online to validate a product or service before making a decision. We also know that each keyword phrase represents a group of people, looking for something specific.

What if I told you that we could determine the most efficacious keywords that have the highest probability of leading to a conversion (i.e. new customer)? What if I also told you that you can rank on the front page of google for the keywords that may represent your qualified customer, in the right stage of the buying cycle, ready to pull the trigger on making a purchasing decision?

Well, we can. However, we cannot guarantee this, as it's against industry best practices guarantee results based on optimization services, which are based on theory.

Many of these theories exist, entailing some sort of strategy with a core foundation surrounding anything from advanced mathematics and statistical profiling (i.e. like our very own), ranging to the other end of the spectrum having a foundation set in unrivaled ignorance. This should strike a chord with many of you who have hired SEOs in the past. The good news, should you like good news, is that we never got the memo stating that that SEO's are not allowed to guarantee a REFUND if we do not deliver on underlying project objectives. Therefore, in the unforeseen event that we don't deliver *on project objectives, we guarantee a refund of all monies spent (not based on an empty promise, rather a contractual guarantee). Yes, SEO can be this simple.

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