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We know that the websites who rank in the top 10 for any search engine are appeasing the underlying algorithm, as determined by the GoogleBot - of of many search engine robots that retrieves the data which determine all search engine ranking positions within a search engine.

We also know that most people go online to validate a product or service before making a decision. We also know that each keyword phrase represents a group of people, looking for something specific.

What if I told you that we could determine the most efficacious keywords that have the highest probability of leading to a purchase? What if I also told you that Salganik Solutions could rank you on the front page of google for the keywords that represent your qualified customer, in the right stage of the buying cycle, ready to pull the trigger on making a purchasing decision?

Well, we can. However, we cannot guarantee this, as it's against industry best practices guarantee results based on optimization services, which are based on theory.

Many of these theories exist, entailing some sort of strategy with a core foundation surrounding anything from advanced mathematics and statistical profiling (i.e. like our very own Alpha SEO Strategy), ranging to the other end of the spectrum having a foundation set in unrivaled ignorance. This should strike a chord with many of you who have hired SEOs in the past. The good news, should you like good news, is that we never got the memo stating that that SEO's are not allowed to guarantee a REFUND if we do not deliver on underlying project objectives. Therefore, in the unforeseen event that we don't deliver *on project objectives, we guarantee a refund of all monies spent (not based on an empty promise, rather a contractual guarantee). Yes, SEO can be this simple.

Insight to the Alpha SEO Strategy

The Alpha SEO Strategy is deeply rooted in statistics & probability. The strategy took over 2 years to develop, and after rigorous testing & quality assurance, Salganik Solutions took on it’s first project with a company near bankruptcy in April of 2009.

Within 4 Months, The Stress & Happiness Center of Dallas ranks #1 on Google for the most desirable keyword phrase “Dallas Therapy.”

Final Outcome? Business owner Ellen Simon received a flood of calls from individuals looking for counseling services, and rapidly began rebuilding her client base. Her schedule has been booked months in advance, and has maintained this volume for nearly 2 years. She no longer accepts insurance as a means of payment, given her demand is high enough to warrant rendering counseling services on a cash-pay-only basis, charging $120/hr. See Images Below for Example Google Rankings as of 3/13/2011:

Dallas Therapy Hypnosis Google Ranking Dallas Therapy Google Ranking
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After numerous client success stories, we are proud to offer an approach never before seen in the world of search engine marketing. The term “Alpha” originating from it’s mathematical meaning, which is a statistical measure denoted to a money manager for his/her return in excess of an underlying benchmark, or asset class. Given that Alpha is measured net of fees, it makes achieving Alpha quite an obstacle. In the world of money management, everyone seeks Alpha, but only a select few actually realize it. Alpha represents what our proprietary strategy stands for: results. Not just results, but results second to none, and in far excess of the fee we charge for ongoing consulting services. We live & die by our performance. We exploit the inefficiencies of your competition, leverage the current market demand, quantify our research prior to commencement of any project. We study, learn, and gain a thorough understand your industry, and we leave nothing to chance by employing the Alpha SEO Strategy. In the world of SEO, Alpha is pre-determined success, and manifests in the form of online arbitrage.

Why Focus on Google?

FACT: Google is the most widely used search engine, both in the US & Worldwide. Period.

% of Searches by Search Engine [click image to enlarge]
google searches in the united states

- Over the last year, nearly 79% of all online searches in the United Sates were done using Google.com
- During the same time, 90% of all internet users worldwide used Google.com

So, What does this tell us about SEO?

When employing an SEO strategy, your focus should be on achieving and maintaining high Google rankings. There is nothing subjective about this. Sure, It doesn’t hurt to rank high in other Search Engines, however if you truly posses the desire to dominate the online market for your specific niche or industry, then you must rank on the front page of Google. It simply comes down to a game of numbers & probability. The Google focus allows our clients to capture over 70% of their qualified market upon reaching front page visibility. So tell me again... Why would you want a strategy with a focus surrounding either Yahoo or Bing? Let me remind you: YOU DON’T! (Now, of course, I wouldn’t mind being able to intentionally rank for all 3 search engines, but due to the inherent nature of the statistical profiling which serves as the foundation our strategy, it is simply mathematically impossible).

*More about the Alpha Strategy will be Added Soon.

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