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Download this worksheet, available through Google, for a comprehensive checklist & information on best practices when launching your website (including your mobile version)!
When people hear of a product or service, the first thing they do is think to go online to validate the product, service, or company. This validation process happens through search engines, mainly Google. The proces of the online consumer making a purchasing desicion is known as the ZMOT, as Google explans. Read this, you need to know it.
Google AdWords is, in my opinion, one of the most - if not the most valuable resource to online businesses vs. any other marketing medium or technique currently available with present-day technology. Learn about the basics of Google AdWords Account Management offered through Salganik Solutions, Inc.
In this document, you will find.. math. It probably won't resonate with most, however it should give some insight into the complicated, yet fascinating algorithm behind Google PR (or Page Rank). Page Rank is one of many ranking factors which determine where your website shows up in search results. Google PR is, more often than not, abused by SEO practicioners with the belief that links with high page rank are the only way to attain 1st page rankings. Well, they are wrong & there's miles of math to prove it.
A concise illustration which demonstrates the percentage of search traffic that can actually see your website, given the underlying search engine ranking positions in google that your website currently holds for your strategic keyword phrases.
And example of a typical outcome when working with a client who has a web team that comprehends html, allowing our strategy to work seamlessly with their pre-existing website, ensuring implementation of SEO changes are timely and correct. See attached report. 2011 Client - AFMO.
Another illustration that keeps SEO Clients happy.