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Salganik Solutions, Inc. specializes in advanced search engine optimization strategies and consulting with an approach that is unique, uniquely effective and individually customized for each client or company. Your business SEO strategy is carefully designed based on meticulous data, derived from a thorough competitive analysis of your industry and target market.
Our ability to match supply with demand (what we refer to as "demand interception") is incomparable to any other form of online marketing. As seen in the video above, "Salganik Solutions will take your business from a local, to national, and even worldwide scope" according to Beth Struckell, Founder of Equilibrium Weight Loss & Longevity.

Featured Above: Beth Struckell, CEO of Equilibrium Weight Loss & Longevity

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Overview of Services

SEO, Web Content Creation & Data Connection
Unlike traditional SEO companies, Salganik Solutions employs a data-driven methodology, providing each clientele with a unique and well thought out strategy, thus all decisions are made based on the strategic interpretation, quantification, and implementation of data relevant to your unique situation, needs, and online business goals.

When compared to a traditional SEO strategy relying on best standard practices, our peerless protocol used for organic search produces unrivaled results that propel your website to the front page of the most frequently used search engines, with an intentional focus on the internet's most frequently used search engine, Google.com. Simply stated, our single-minded focus on the facts (and nothing but the facts) affords our clientele the most desirable outcomes in the form of front page Google rankings, as well as outranking the most prominent competitors (not to mention our service is backed by a 100% performance-driven guarantee).

The importance of engaging a firm with a proven track record of success is obvious to most. For those who have previously engaged an SEO firm and has experienced neither desirable outcomes, nor the imperative competence and analytical know-how needed to bring goals to fruition will find great value in our process. For over 3 years, the organic SEO strategy of Salganik Solutions continues to gain recognition as an indispensable resource local, national, and as of 2011 — international businesses regardless of whether an underlying business offers a service, or sells products.
Search Engine Optimization “Methodology”
Our preliminary research efforts also serve to provide you with insight as to the highest level of service and detailed work ethic afforded to our clientele. This peerless protocol is (what we believe to be) the “Tao of Search Engine Optimization Success”, and is comprised of the following 3 essential components:
Rigorous data mining to discover and exploit untapped market opportunities.

Meticulous analysis of the competitive environment as it relates to your specific niche or industry.

Economic viability testing and demand quantification to ensure utmost probability of desirable outcomes to yield a positive ROI (return on investment) after engaging the business services of Salganik Solutions and incurring monthly business consulting expense.
Business & SEO Consulting Services
Services include comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM), encompassing advanced search engine optimization techniques, copywriting and content strategies, pay-per-click (PPC) campaign set-up and optimization, as well as the ongoing refinement of the consumer conversion funnel in effort to maximize sales, leads, and/or conversions.

Research and data play a consistent theme throughout the life of any client account. Starting with the first consultation, extensive preliminary research is the first step in our proprietary process which we call the ”Alpha SEO Strategy”. Salganik Solutions provides you with very thorough research findings resulting from the initial data mining and is determined by your business goals and objectives. These are communicated by yourself (or a decision maker representing your company) during the information gathering process or initial consultation. Upon completing aforementioned, your company is provided with our findings in a structured bound book organized by the business potential, or opportunity that exists for you online and serves to provide you with insight to the high level of service afforded to the clientele of Salganik Solutions. This step is completed in it's entirety prior to engaging our services or any discussion of relating to underlying costs of our services.

We don't sell SEO. We sell results. And our data-driven decision making mentality ensures that you can always count on Salganik Solutions to always act in a fiduciary capacity on your behalf.

Prior to accepting new clientele, each prospect is provided with extensive research to help qualify and quantify each unique business opportunity that exists for you online regardless of your profession, whether or not your have a website and is independent of the goods or services you provide. Our research is concluded with a Salganik Solutions funded market test — all of which occurs before you ever open your wallet.

This proprietary methodology is unique to our SEO firm, afforded to all clientele, and exemplifies our fiduciary capacity and is a key component to our client-centric approach to project management.
Our team has substantial experience working in all areas of healthcare:
• Doctor Directories
• Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Bariatrics & Weight loss
• Telehealth & Telemedicine
• Counseling & Mental Health
We specialize in the creation of SEO Strategy for attorneys & law firms:
• Criminal Defense
• Family Law, Divorce and Child Custody
• Business & Civil Litigation
• International Law
• Immigration & Deportation
• Asset Protection & Estate Planning

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